Things Overheard

These are just some things overheard over the past few days that made me laugh a little.

Andew on epee:

Hey, when I get my licnece, I want to start driving epee! You know, no corps corps, no right of way. I love epee.

Sugarpops on Medicine…

Me: Hey, if you end up stuck in pre med, I can help you study, I pwn at reading an echocardiograph,
Sugar: Echo what?
Me: Echocardiograph, you know, it keeps track of your sinus rhythm.
Sugar: Sinus rhythm?
Me: Er… the spiky line machine?
Sugar: Oh! Spiky line machine, like the heartbeat thingy!
Me: How hard are your parents pushing med school?

Seriously sugar, you can operate on me any time XD.

Have you ever gotten a letter

Or email, or anything like it, that you’ve been waiting for? Have you ever recieved a letter that you wanted perhaps more than anything at that moment. As you stare at it, you look at everything about it, be it handwriting or the time recieved, and of course, the sender. You stare at the letter and think about what it says. The point comes, fight or flight. This is a post for anyone who has ever seen that letter, and waited at least 4 hours before opening it, out of shere nerviousness. So, have you?

How would it make you feel?

To be called a giant teddie bear?

Seriously, you sit down next to one of your friends. Then she rests her head on your shoulder and says to you “Your like a big teddie bear”. It was of course Victoria, and I laughed inside to be honest. I didn’t laugh at this outloud (however, she did make me laugh on more than one occaion today, I seriously owe her one), I just said to her (for like the 3rd time today) that I really wish there were more girls like her. Socks rocks my socks, honestly and truely. I should also note that she has completed my christmas present. She made me rocky rode, which I am extremly excited about, as she has made it for me before. She says she would have given it to me, but she “didn’t make enough” and wants to make me more. I swear the girl is trying to fatten me up 🙂

So, fencing today, yeah. Day two… Not that I’m stalling or anything XP. So my first DE for Men’s Foil was Yang. It sorta pissed me off, you know having my first DE against a clubmate. It was actually a really close bout up until the end. Well, label comes around, its 14-14. Tracey says fence, and Tang comes out with a fleche. I side step it and hit him in the back with a preime. Green light goes off, I scream bloody murder. I turn to tracey and see his head bob. Yand has his mask off, ready to shake my hand. Tracey tells me my foot was off the strip, and we go back to find the center. Yang does a lunge, my reposte, his counter reposte. I just lunged too far with my reposte. So yeah, my foot off the strip call was sorta one that everyone had to think about twice, but thats what Tracey saw. Yang thinks it should have been my touch. Well, enough drawing on the past T_T.Aaron came, but he couldnt fence because his knees are screwed up. Its really too bad, it would have been nice for him to get the chance to fence. So that really sucked. Here’s to hoping your knees feel better Aaron! At some point, Victoria hugged me, and I grabber her so she could not escape! Someone took a picture with their phone, and everyone crouded around to look at it, and now I dont know who took it. I’m just curious because i have a little fencing scrapbook for myself and that would be funny to have. I think thats about it for now.

On a side note, Jessica Lyn asked my to fit her in here somewhere, so here it is. (She’s one of my buddies on maple story, she thinks she’s black, but she’s just asian XP).

So much to say, so little finger strength

Right, so today was day one of JO qualifiers. Needless to say, I’m rather exauseted at the moment. You know, its really confusing. Through the duration of the day, I managed to do very little other than hurt my back. There was a plus side however! While I was fencing, my friend sugar only poped into my head once or twice! See, one day in whoville, I made a friend outside of fencing (I know, your all very shocked). Actually, I made a bunch of friends, and on a little game called maple story. I met lots of wonderfull people, but thats another story, not that this is a story at all. Anyway, I took a hiatus from maple because work was piling up, and I was getting bored with it. Well after about 2 months with fewer than an hour a week, I started coming on a little more, and then I started emailing a couple people that has also taken a maple hiatus. I thought I had it made! I was able to play a little maple, but also stay in contact with my buddies with email. This was going fine until one day I wrote an email, and it didn’t get a responce. Now, I tried being patient, I really did. After a week or so I send out an email to see if everything is alright, no responce. Its been almost two months, and I send her one last email yesterday after I had a terrible dream. Anyway, I’ve been talking about it with my other friends on maple story. I’ve come to a conclusion, but it doesnt make me feel any better. I was worried that I was starting to obsess over her. That would have bothered me because she’s just my friend, and I can’t say I know her well enough to obsess over her. The thing is, I can’t go an hour without her plauging my mind. I’ve concluded that I’m actually quite upset that someone would just break off contact with me. I know, this is silly, and I’m ranting here, but its absolutly killing me. Tomorrow is JO qualifications for foil, if I dont qualify, I will be sad. For lunch I made myself some onigiri, I hope its as tastly as it looks. Anyway, much sleep is needed for such actions. See you all.

Um, yeah, I’m Still Here, OH and so are RPG’s

Okay, here’s the post to get me back going on this thing. Just a random blurb about something that bothers me so… A rant if you will.
What is an RPG?

RPG (NOUN) är-pE-‘jE
A Role Playing Game.

That is an RPG. To me, an RPG must be so much more. Every RPG should contain 3 things.
1. An easily followed story, the base of any rpg. This is most the allure of any rpg for me. If there were a point system for determining an RPG’s score, this would have more points than any other area. There are so many RPG’s that have a wonderful layout, graphics, or the best soundtrack of any game in existence, that is ruined my a substandard story. One should also note that many of my favorites don’t have great graphics, wonderful soundtracks, or many things that, today, are idealized as making a game worth playing. The story makes the RPG different from shooters or action games. While this is absolutely necessary for every RPG, having one does not make you an RPG.

2. A HP/MP system (Health Points and Magic/Mana Points. When you hit 0 HP, you die, this is not is the case with mp. (MP only if applicable, but honestly, name 3 good RPG’s without it)). Yes, I want numbers, the slash between them is nice, but not a necessity. If I’m say a lvl 5 character in some random RPG, I want to see 45/28 (or some other number, these just popped into my head. These can be separate, even represented by “health bars”, but in the end, I want to be able to read numbers. I DO NOT believe that having 12 hearts is a good representation of HP. MP is not important if we are dealing with spells per day, as is the case with dungeons and dragons, the original RPG.

3. A level system (with numbers PLEASE) and I require that I have at least the ability to reach 9 levels. This is a very basic part of what makes an RPG different from other games. I can gain levels which will making battles easier. This is not so with many games such as shooters, platforms, and standard action games. Clean and simple people, if I don’t gain levels, I’m not playing an RPG, or I really suck at it. Please note that if my level is not on the main screen, it should be easily viewed.

4. Chance, luck, the roll of the die, whatever you please. I know I said 3 but this cant be missed. If I have a sword (lets say its attack score is 5 for the sake of ease) and I’m level 10, and my strength score (If I even have one O_O) is 15, I really don’t want to see that I’m doing 30 damage every time I swing at the monster. I want to see numbers in range, the bigger the better (to a point that it still makes since. If I’m level 50, and I have a godly Katana (The divinity +5 with a weapon attack well over 80) and a streangth of like 60, I don’t want to be doing between 50 and 500 damage, but 200-400 is not going to make me cry). I also want a chance to miss with an attack, as I want the monster to have a chance to miss me. Enough said on the matter, variance is absolute.

This being said I would like to give some examples of games that people have called RPG’s that, in my opinion, are not. Okay, so I really only have one set. In my opinion, the Zelda series is not an RPG. it’s a very complex action/platform game. People will tell me I’m crazy, some will go as far as to say I should rot in my grave. Whoa whoa whoa, I’m not saying that TLOZ is a bad series, I certainly don’t mind them at all. But in my mind this breaks 2 or 3 very important rules of how I see RPG’s. An HP/MP system, because I don’t think hearts count. Why? This means that almost every monster has the same HP, and that most monster attacks do the same damage. I can’t see this as a replacement for good, solid numbers.

The next issue I have in calling it an RPG is the lack of a Level system. Now, I have had many people tell me that you level in Zelda, and its represented through age, and you may or may not gain certain benefits at these turn points. This is not good enough for me. I want numbers, and there had better me more than 8. I want at least 9 because some people are blesses, as I have been, to have ever played the first edition of Dungeons and Dragons (My thanks to a rich man who goes by Bill, who spent over a thousand dollars on his collection of first addition dungeons and dragons maps, guidebooks, manuals, characters, modules and more! You can only reach level 9 character but this is no mean feat. In first addition D&D if you die, your often done, with the exception oh having a holy man (cleric/priest, of high level) with you. If you die with no way to revive yourself, most Dungeon masters will accept the character as now non-playable.

Last but not least, there is no variance of damage done/received in Zelda, I can say no more on the matter.

Think I’ve gone too far? I really needed something to get me back on track for writing on my web page. My vast apologies to my good friend Jamie who gave me access to this domain without charge. I, for a long time, have neglected it to unimaginable extents. Lets hope this gets me back on track.

So, do you agree? Disagree? Let me just say flame on, I’m ready to take it. You could even well convince me to change my mind about RPG’s. If I have misrepresented anything in anyway, please let me know. Truly, I am willing to hear anything anyone says about this.

With this in mind, I would like to list my favorite 3 RPG’s

3. Chrono Trigger by Square for the Super Nintendo

2. Final Fantast 7 by Square for Sony Playstation

1. Seiken Densetsu 3 by square for the Super Nintendo

For the record, my 1st and second place is a tie. so its really like 2, 1 and also 1.

Time To Say Hi

So, I’ve been ignoring this for a while. Almost no one reads it anyway. I just thought I might through out there that I think I might have learned something tonight. I was just talking with ken, and he has a girlfriend now (CONGRATS), and I told him how everyone was now. I asked whether I was a big fish in a small pong or s shrinking fish in a big pond (no Cole, of course I’m in a cove and people visit me :P). He didn’t get it, he just told me not to lose myself. I thought about that. Could I lose myself? For a while I’ve been afraid of snapping and just going nuts. Now I feel really grounded, really close to my roots. So here I am, thinking “Hey, I think I like myself right now, maybe not my situation, but me, yeah”. So I think I’m falling, the right way for once. Lets just see if I land on my feet or spin sideways. Don’t forget to crash. Seacoasters, good luck on Long Island. Um, if your reading this… thank you, honestly.

The Block And The Fight For My Attention

So, here’s the scoop. With much of Avalon’s Diary done, and a conversation with some friends, I find myself at a block. Writers block that is (if you don’t know what this is, wiki/google will set you free). So, I’ve decided to start on my other major writing project, Keiron’s Pen. It follows much of my life with a changes setting and names. There will obviously be some differences, I am much to boring to be a WHOLE novel on my own. It will also be a book inside a book. As Keiron struggles with his own life, he starts to struggle with writing. So far I have a very, very vague outline and some quotes I would like to use. The only thing that I’ve worked up to this second, is the acknowledgments. If you want to see if your on the list, or hear about what I have to say about others (no, I wont tell you what I said about YOU) just ask or e-mail me. I’ll put up the first chapter of each, and whoever gets the most votes after say 1 week (or first to 4 votes) will be worked on, provided working on Keiron’s Pen gets me through my block (that’s what its for right now, I think it will work). So, get voting!