I’m determined to be a horrid artist.  Honestly, I love to draw and sketch, but I’m miserable at it.  From now on, I’m going to start posting some of my failure art, just so you get the idea.  My brother and sister are fantastic artists, and my mother was very into art when she was younger.  Maybe I just haven’t found my medium?  Art is somewhere in my blood, and I can sorta feel that, but its not coming out the way I see it in my head.  This is probably why I want so badly to try short film.  I feel like I could more easily show people what I see in my head with a film, rather than with a short story or drawing.  One of my biggest problems is perspective, and then body proportion.  I’m on my way to get a little wooden figurine to work with for my trip.  Maybe I’ll take some footage while I’m gone too 😛

  1. Things you would do if you weren’t afraid.
  2. The perfect pizza.
  3. Strangest thing you can find on Ebay.
  4. Some over used words.
  5. Seriously… Where does the other sock end up?


2, The perfect pizza probably has extra cheese, carmelized onions, some real sausage, and a really thin thin layer of sauce.

3, I once saw a “Ghost in a Jar” which was just a jar that had been painted with some white out or something with a little wax inside, and it was supposedly haunted.  It sold for like $120,000
4, Lol, Seriously, No idea about this one…

5, In the small space between the back of my bed and the back wall.

I need a better post than this

More Coffee Tasting

Peru La Florida, Full city

A bright coffee with a light, chocolaty body.  Hits of spruce, top notes of lemon and dill, with a rather muddled body which comes into a nice, chocolate cream finish.  I think this could have been 10 seconds lighter or darker, and is slightly boring in its current state.  The aeropress will have more to say.  This afternoon I’ll cup the peru french.

Todays coffees

Colombian Mesa Full City

A nice variant of our regular Colombian medium roast. Sweet earth tones are prevalent in this bright cup. The finish has a slight nutty creaminess to it that I would normally associate with a Brazilian. Overall, a nice, clean cup that should please most Colombian lovers, as well as those who normally favor the sweeter, earthier cups, like Mexican and Brazil. This ends up being a very enjoyable cup. I’m really glad we have the mesa lot back.
Mokha Java Blend (Sumatra Mandeling and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe)
A traditional blend of Ethiopian and Sumatra. First notes are those of playful fruitiness and a medium to heavy mouth feel. The slight sweetness of the Ethiopian plays off the rich earth tones of the Sumatra. The finish is in total control of the Sumatra, long and drawn out, cut only slightly short by the sweet fruit tones that linger on the sides of the tung in the pockets of the cheeks.

Red letter day…

Okay, so I have said over and over that I would fix it.  I mean, right from the start, the first two sentences make me cringe.  I promise that when I feel like working on it again, I will.  Maybe I’ll sketch some scenes from that day, see what you all think.  This isn’t my update for the week, I promise.


I said I would update within 7 days, so here I am.   I honestly plan to update again tomorrow or when I feel like it, as I’ve been in better moods.  By family has taken sole custody of the television, which leaves me without being able to play halo with Jamie and Nathan.  Tomorrow, after I get to unwind a little after work, I shall provide you with some postage.  For the rest of the night, I’ll be watching sicko by Michael Moore.