This is just a random rosetta I did at the Bonhoeffer’s barista Jam.  I’m not super proud of it, but I had such a good time, and they were such awesome hosts that I thought I had to post something.  More latte art is on the way if this stupid video ever uploads ><

It DID upload, it just took a long time!
Bad Rosetta

Colombian Melange

Colombian melange is probably my favorite coffee we have right now.  Its the prefect balance of sweet, robust, and fruit bright tones.  So what is Colombian melange, and how is it different from our regular Colombian?  Our regular Colombian is a medium roast coffee.  We pull that around 15 to 20 seconds into the second crack, which is about the same amount of time before the second crack would be allowed into earnest.  Colombian melange is a blend of Colombian medium, full city, and french roasts.  Medium for brightness, full city for its balanced fruit tones and sweetness, french for its robust top notes and deep finish.  What I like so much about this cup is how its everything you like about the Colombian medium, and then it throws in all these extra subtleties.  What I really like about this coffee is the way its bright with muddled fruit tones, with a really full, balanced body.  The aroma is sweet, and distinctly coffee.  When I smell this , I smell coffee, in the best possible way.  Its sweet and bright, and robust without being over the top.  If we are going to pick out bits from the cuppy wheel of doom…. *gets cuppy wheel of doom out*  I would say light cocoa, a nice body with hints of pepper, slight hints of raspberry in the sweet, delicate finish.  Come on Adam, tell me I’m wrong….  Just try XD

I’m curious to see if I like this more, or if I like Colombian full city as a stand alone more, because I like the full city a lot too.

Weekend Cupping

Brazil Extra French, AeroPress

A worker in New Boston has been having me roast her a bunch of extra french coffees.  We’ve been going through all the origins, and its been a while since I’ve documented a cupping.  So lets jump into things.

The first thing that comes to mind is the sheer depth to the roast itself.  This coffee was a full minute after second crack in earnest;  It was starting to stop entirely.   The aroma is reminicent of burnt toast and roasted nuts.

The Sip

Not a lot in the sip itself.  The tip of the toung leaves a very noticable absence of taste.  Most of what I taste is just from roast itself.  This is a really dark coffee.  Hints of spruce hit the top of my mouth as we move into the finish.  Any hints of the licorice that may have been present in the full city or french have all but vanished.  The subtleties of the coffee have been replaced with a depth and smoothness.  There is a certain harshness to the coffee, but its not totally enjoyable.  If nothing else, the coffee is a rich representation of what I would call a very classic, dark coffee.  The depth lingers long after the sip, deep into the finish.  This would make a very good dessert coffee, as the sweetness and depth would hold up greatly to such sweet desserts.  Its very smooth, which handles nicely to bitter treats such as dark chocolate.

Tanzania Full City, Fetco Drip

A slightly sweet, fruity aroma is slightly lacking in punancy. You can tell, jumping into this cup that its a an east African.

I’ve let this cool off quite a bit as to bring out the fruitiness.  An incredibly bright coffee comes through.  The fruit overtones are incredible in this cup.  A pleasant acidness hits the tip of the tung with gusto.  Bright berries and deep stone fruit penetrate the palate and make way for a strong body, with lemony vanilla topnotes.  I was going through a period of not enjoying this coffee, but this cup has been a pleasent reminder of how enjoyable simple drip can be.  If you like a bright fruity cup, you will love this tanzania full city.  Next week I’m doing some cinnamon roast tanzania, and I’ll see if I can remember to cup if for you all.  I doubt anyone is really interested, but I don’t care.  Coffee for you.


For the sake of it, I really just wanted to say that I just need a little time to be sad.  I’ll be fine in like a week or two, but really, for like at least a week, I’m going to just be sad.  Its just how I cope with such things.  Its not the end of the world, things will be right again soon, but for a little while, I’m just going to be sad.  Give me two weeks, that’s all.

Stupid Stars

Okay, I wish I had something funny or snarky to say, but I don’t.  I don’t have anything clever or sarcastic to say.  Wish on a star once, regret it forever.  Make the same mistake a second time, maybe you’re a fool.  Sure, maybe it’s not the reason you’re so sad and broken.  I mean, obviously wishing on a star can’t really hurt you inside.  It’s not going to tear you apart.  Sometimes you get what you wish for.  Maybe a short month after you made that wish, its going to come back and bite you.  The first time I wished on a star in a long time, I half got my wish.  The feelings that fell from that night ended up in one of the most devistating falling outs I’ve ever had.  The second time, I got exactly what I wanted, and thought that maybe the stars had found pitty on me.  Well, I don’t know if they had a hand in what was to transpire, or if everything really was my own fault.  I don’t know what I did.  I don’t know what to do.  I’m just so confused, and scared, and sad…

I think its important to note, that this won’t keep me from wishing on stars, though I wish it would.

Roasting Coffee

Today I roasted some coffee in my barn. I used a hot air popcorn popper. I could only do a large handful at a time, but it worked really well. I’ve got about a pound of my own espresso blend that I’ll cup tomorrow. It’s Colombian full city, Mexican full city (dark), Brazil french, Peru full city, and Peru french. We’ll see how it goes. It should be nice and chocolaty with a good sweetness and some nuttiness. I hope its as good as it looks… *crosses fingers*

Coffee Fest, the BVI, and the NAC in Rosemont

Erm, hello… how are we today?  I know I said I was going to update weekly.  I know, I tried, I’m sorry.  So heres the deal; I’ve had 3 major events go on that I haven’t talked about.  Firstly, Coffee fest in Washington DC a month ago.  Coffee fest is a great big coffee trade show that expos different cafe products and coffees.  It was really neat to go and taste all the different espresso.  Best espresso was between Intelegencia and Zoka.  Counter Culture, I love you to death, your coffee is great, but your espresso is so syrupy, I couldn’t finish my ristretto.  Worst espresso…..  Well, I had a couple from some super autos that did other drinks as well.  I was not exactly wowed.

Highlight:  Competing and totally failing in the millrock free pour competition.  Meeting Heather Perry, Chris Difario, M’lisaa Muckerman, Emma, everyone else.

Lowlights…  traveling though the city was exciting, but my legs were sore by day 3.  Also, The local roaster in Alexandria, where I was staying, was super disappointing.  Seriously, I wanted to cry.  They win worst espresso….

British Virgin Islands, Tortola.

Not much to report.  Moses was sick, people were cranky.  Its not my cup of tea.  Lots of sunburn.  Great sunsets, but they were too short.  I enjoyed my alone time….. mmmmthinking.

NAC E, Rosemont/Chicago IL.

Had a pwntastic time with Will and his parents.  His parents are super awesome, and very hilarious.  Emma was a fun to have around too;  She wasn’t as much trouble as I thought she was going to be!  Hoorah for Emma!  My finish of 26 out of 119 dosen’t hold a candle to Yvonne’s second place finish in vet 50 womens foil, earning herself a spot on the national team!  Woot!  On my trip, I got to visit Chicago coffee mecca, Intelegencia.  The barista actually recognized me from coffee fest, which was really cool.  Mocha 10/10, double ristretto 11/10.  Really cool to visit another awesome shop.

I will have more to report later!  Back to work, RAWR!