Anyone Up For A Little Writing?

Okay, here we go. Since I’ve started this I’ve always wanted to play the “5 word game” with my readers. Its VERY simple. Here are the rules. You have 5 words to place into a few paragraphs as seamlessly as possibly. For the sake of ease, there is a 500 word limit.
This is copious amounts of space for 5 measly words. Now! Time for a few examples (only 2 words to make this faster for me)
“The title of my new book is “My Big Piece Of Pie””.


Jonathan looked at his feet quizzically as if they had answers for the questions in his head. The Queen had knighted him so nonchalantly that he couldn’t help but question his new title. A fortnight ago, Jonathan would have been giddy with delight with the Queen’s decision. The all the recent thieving, piracy and unusual alliances, Jonathan could help but feel like he was being used. He Started to piece together the puzzle in his head. Why was the queen so intent oh making him a night over Purcucio, as he was the more noble of the troupe. After all, he had led the mission to return the stolen doctrine.

What does this example say? Set it up. You shouldn’t try to rush the words into a sentance. It doesn’t take much. The other thing I LOVE about the 5 word game is how well it sets up for a short story. I like to give myself a character or two, and a problem. As is the case with the queen’s odd decision. You will see my approach better in my other example (see comments.)

So what do you all think? I would be THRILLED if anyone is interested. The way this would work if people are interested is that someone would write a paragraph or two with the 5 words, and leave 5 new ones for the next person. If two people submit at the same time and we have 10 words, all the better! So to start just leave a comment to say if your interested, when we get 2-4 people we can get this started!

Um, yeah, I’m Still Here, OH and so are RPG’s

Okay, here’s the post to get me back going on this thing. Just a random blurb about something that bothers me so… A rant if you will.
What is an RPG?

RPG (NOUN) är-pE-‘jE
A Role Playing Game.

That is an RPG. To me, an RPG must be so much more. Every RPG should contain 3 things.
1. An easily followed story, the base of any rpg. This is most the allure of any rpg for me. If there were a point system for determining an RPG’s score, this would have more points than any other area. There are so many RPG’s that have a wonderful layout, graphics, or the best soundtrack of any game in existence, that is ruined my a substandard story. One should also note that many of my favorites don’t have great graphics, wonderful soundtracks, or many things that, today, are idealized as making a game worth playing. The story makes the RPG different from shooters or action games. While this is absolutely necessary for every RPG, having one does not make you an RPG.

2. A HP/MP system (Health Points and Magic/Mana Points. When you hit 0 HP, you die, this is not is the case with mp. (MP only if applicable, but honestly, name 3 good RPG’s without it)). Yes, I want numbers, the slash between them is nice, but not a necessity. If I’m say a lvl 5 character in some random RPG, I want to see 45/28 (or some other number, these just popped into my head. These can be separate, even represented by “health bars”, but in the end, I want to be able to read numbers. I DO NOT believe that having 12 hearts is a good representation of HP. MP is not important if we are dealing with spells per day, as is the case with dungeons and dragons, the original RPG.

3. A level system (with numbers PLEASE) and I require that I have at least the ability to reach 9 levels. This is a very basic part of what makes an RPG different from other games. I can gain levels which will making battles easier. This is not so with many games such as shooters, platforms, and standard action games. Clean and simple people, if I don’t gain levels, I’m not playing an RPG, or I really suck at it. Please note that if my level is not on the main screen, it should be easily viewed.

4. Chance, luck, the roll of the die, whatever you please. I know I said 3 but this cant be missed. If I have a sword (lets say its attack score is 5 for the sake of ease) and I’m level 10, and my strength score (If I even have one O_O) is 15, I really don’t want to see that I’m doing 30 damage every time I swing at the monster. I want to see numbers in range, the bigger the better (to a point that it still makes since. If I’m level 50, and I have a godly Katana (The divinity +5 with a weapon attack well over 80) and a streangth of like 60, I don’t want to be doing between 50 and 500 damage, but 200-400 is not going to make me cry). I also want a chance to miss with an attack, as I want the monster to have a chance to miss me. Enough said on the matter, variance is absolute.

This being said I would like to give some examples of games that people have called RPG’s that, in my opinion, are not. Okay, so I really only have one set. In my opinion, the Zelda series is not an RPG. it’s a very complex action/platform game. People will tell me I’m crazy, some will go as far as to say I should rot in my grave. Whoa whoa whoa, I’m not saying that TLOZ is a bad series, I certainly don’t mind them at all. But in my mind this breaks 2 or 3 very important rules of how I see RPG’s. An HP/MP system, because I don’t think hearts count. Why? This means that almost every monster has the same HP, and that most monster attacks do the same damage. I can’t see this as a replacement for good, solid numbers.

The next issue I have in calling it an RPG is the lack of a Level system. Now, I have had many people tell me that you level in Zelda, and its represented through age, and you may or may not gain certain benefits at these turn points. This is not good enough for me. I want numbers, and there had better me more than 8. I want at least 9 because some people are blesses, as I have been, to have ever played the first edition of Dungeons and Dragons (My thanks to a rich man who goes by Bill, who spent over a thousand dollars on his collection of first addition dungeons and dragons maps, guidebooks, manuals, characters, modules and more! You can only reach level 9 character but this is no mean feat. In first addition D&D if you die, your often done, with the exception oh having a holy man (cleric/priest, of high level) with you. If you die with no way to revive yourself, most Dungeon masters will accept the character as now non-playable.

Last but not least, there is no variance of damage done/received in Zelda, I can say no more on the matter.

Think I’ve gone too far? I really needed something to get me back on track for writing on my web page. My vast apologies to my good friend Jamie who gave me access to this domain without charge. I, for a long time, have neglected it to unimaginable extents. Lets hope this gets me back on track.

So, do you agree? Disagree? Let me just say flame on, I’m ready to take it. You could even well convince me to change my mind about RPG’s. If I have misrepresented anything in anyway, please let me know. Truly, I am willing to hear anything anyone says about this.

With this in mind, I would like to list my favorite 3 RPG’s

3. Chrono Trigger by Square for the Super Nintendo

2. Final Fantast 7 by Square for Sony Playstation

1. Seiken Densetsu 3 by square for the Super Nintendo

For the record, my 1st and second place is a tie. so its really like 2, 1 and also 1.

Time To Say Hi

So, I’ve been ignoring this for a while. Almost no one reads it anyway. I just thought I might through out there that I think I might have learned something tonight. I was just talking with ken, and he has a girlfriend now (CONGRATS), and I told him how everyone was now. I asked whether I was a big fish in a small pong or s shrinking fish in a big pond (no Cole, of course I’m in a cove and people visit me :P). He didn’t get it, he just told me not to lose myself. I thought about that. Could I lose myself? For a while I’ve been afraid of snapping and just going nuts. Now I feel really grounded, really close to my roots. So here I am, thinking “Hey, I think I like myself right now, maybe not my situation, but me, yeah”. So I think I’m falling, the right way for once. Lets just see if I land on my feet or spin sideways. Don’t forget to crash. Seacoasters, good luck on Long Island. Um, if your reading this… thank you, honestly.

The Block And The Fight For My Attention

So, here’s the scoop. With much of Avalon’s Diary done, and a conversation with some friends, I find myself at a block. Writers block that is (if you don’t know what this is, wiki/google will set you free). So, I’ve decided to start on my other major writing project, Keiron’s Pen. It follows much of my life with a changes setting and names. There will obviously be some differences, I am much to boring to be a WHOLE novel on my own. It will also be a book inside a book. As Keiron struggles with his own life, he starts to struggle with writing. So far I have a very, very vague outline and some quotes I would like to use. The only thing that I’ve worked up to this second, is the acknowledgments. If you want to see if your on the list, or hear about what I have to say about others (no, I wont tell you what I said about YOU) just ask or e-mail me. I’ll put up the first chapter of each, and whoever gets the most votes after say 1 week (or first to 4 votes) will be worked on, provided working on Keiron’s Pen gets me through my block (that’s what its for right now, I think it will work). So, get voting!

Bad Day? You Be The Judge

Alright, tonight is February 11th, the night of the seacoast mixed Foil E and mixed Epee E. First things first; Jamie, you need to get back from the mall, like soon. Andrew, you really, really suck, congratulations on doing so well. Danielle, Good job overall and congratulations a hundred times over for making it into round 2 of epee. Jamie, sorry about your car, that sucks big time. Um, Ian… I dunno.
So, I was the first arrival at SFC today. I was proceeded by Danielle and her father. I changed, went into the now finished basement and ran around for a few minutes. I stretched and registered for my first event, foil. I have been looking forward to fencing this tournament (for the epee) for roughly 2 months. When pools began, I though I was doomed. I came from my poor mind state to win the pool, undefeated. I was very thrilled at this. I continues to make 7th out of 23 fencers for the day. The absolute best I’ve ever done in a foil tournament. Dancing in my pants at this point.
So Epee started. No a bad pool, a few toughies. I lost one bout in my epee pool, again, dancing in my pants. During the break between round one and two, Andrew asked to practice with me. He is an absolutely stellar foilist, he just doesn’t fence epee much. I taught him the tiny beat attack and a few other epee tricks. Basically 5 minute epee for dummies. I improved ten-fold almost instantly. I have to say I was impressed with his progress. They called out the pools for the second round. I was about to regret giving him so much advice. He was my first bout, and I lost 4 to 5. I was devastated. This was his 3rd epee tournament. I’ve been fencing epee for 2 years. I continued to loose all but one bout. Funny enough, the one kid I beat dropped out after our bout. I his a ganglion on his wrist. It hurt a lot apparently. Now note that this wasn’t because I drilled my tip into his arm, ganglions are very sensitive. Any who, I did terrible in epee, my place is unknown (to 11th, maybe 10th?).
Okay, I did bad. What happens when you do bad at a tournament? Chris walk over to discuss how badly you did, to make you feel really, really stupid. After all that I went to Dunkin’ Donuts to get Jamie a diet pepsi. I got back and helped her fix a few epees. I asked if anyone wanted to go to Chili’s for dinner with me. I really didn’t want to go alone, but I wanted to go out for dinner, I was pissed. No one wanted to go. Danielle came back shortly before I decided to leave. She came over to talk with us sea coasters. Andrew, the genius that he is, asked Danielle if she was hungry. I knew that was going to be stupid. She answered yes. He smiled and asked if she wanted to go to Chili’s with me. At this point I’m looking at Andrew with a quizzical, pissed off look. She responded with an “um, no, I have to go back, mumble mumble, something about her siblings”. At this point I feel like Charlie Brown. I know Danielle doesn’t want to go to Chili’s with me, why do we have to have an Andrew to emphasize that? Anyway, bad night.
I decided to go to Fridays alone instead. Hour wait, screw that. Next door to the longhorn, two hours, and I don’t like the longhorn. I pack into my car and call both chili’s locations that I know. 45 minutes and an hour and a half. See, if someone was coming with me, I could have booked the table and it would have been ready for us. But no, not worth it for just me. Waiting 10-20 minutes with a friend, not bad, maybe fun. Waiting alone, this is me mind you, in a crowded restaurant, very bad. So I went to Barn’s and Noble for a coffee and a book to get me through the worst holiday ever created. No parking. Determined to get in there and get myself… well, you cant really get wasted on coffee can you? Anyway, I park at the 99 Restaurant and walk. I walk in and wait in the 10 minute line for coffee. At this point, I feel like I’ve had the worst day in months. One grande blended vanilla cream, no make it a vente’ with lots of whipped cream. I shell out my five buck and wait for my drink. I am watching the lady make it. She meticulously measured everything going into my cup, and throws it all in the blender. There was already about ¾ of a cup of ice already in the blender. Buzzes the stupid thing FOREVER. I get an icy mush that is too thick to drink through the straw. Okay, after 10 minutes of fruitless sucking on the straw, I toss it. I jet out of there and make it home. Now I’m writing this post to tell you all about my bad day. Questions? Comments? Have a bad day yourself? Leave a comment. But seeing as I’ve had 0 comments on 19 posts, I’m not getting my hopes up for comments. Anyway, I hope to hear from you all eventually, and as always, thanks for reading! 🙂

Post 18 or Something

So, in this order:
Victoria Sox, thank you sooooo much for the rocky rhode (road, whatever however), it is absolutely unbelievable, not that you didn’t already know that, but man! Oh, so as soon as I weasel the recipe out of you, its going into the cookbook, which will be made not until I have some people who visit on a pseudo-regular basis.
Danielle, I’m sorry. That’s it. I’m sorry for being a complete ass since portland, I just have issues saying it. On top of that I’m sorry I could not come to tell you something so simple.
Jamie, don’t worry, I’ll do it monday, probably. Anyway, now that thats going to be over… I dunno, may all your screwdrivers be Harvey Wallbangers?
Cole, your welcome for the bread, it okay. Yes, I’m going to bring alex bread, I just dont know yet. By the way, get better, because your making EVERYBODY sick.
Andrew, I like the enthusiasm, but man, maybe a bit too much. Oh, and we need “Cole made me sick!” Jackets.

If I missed anyone or any event, let me know! Oh, and ROCK ON FEB. 11TH AT SEACOAST! Tell me if your going, and for which events!

Anyone Listening?

Well, time for a new post. Lets start with this. Tom just achieved an A rank in epee. I’m absolutely proud of him. Less than a year ago he was unrated in epee. Hell, he’s hardly been fencing epee for a year. Am I bitter because I’ve been fencing epee for 2 years and am currently unclassified? No way, that would be wrong. I have the 11th to hope for. Its an E tournament. The reason I always suck at tournament is because I always do D to open rated tournaments. That and I have no one coaching me. I learned the value of coaching at tournaments when Jamie saved me from what could have possibly been the MOST embarrassing loss ever in Portland. So, no, I am nothing but happy for Tom, but to steal a line from a fellow fencer “when did Tom get that good?”. Not that he isn’t, he just got really good really fast, and lefty, he got lefty fast. I know, he’s always been a lefty, but that’s not the point, that’s not all this post is about.

So, I got my haircut today at Michael’s school of hair design and esthetics. Am I thrilled with my 6 dollar haircut? Let me put it this way, I’m ready to find other people who are as pissed off as I am and start a class action suit. You cant tell me your now out there. I mean, honestly, my hairdresser cut some of her hair and didn’t realize it until she saw a BIG chunk of brown in my sweepings. Regardless, I’m never exposing my head in public again. It was bad, very bad.

Moving right along, I seem less congested today than I was before. This doesn’t mean Cole’s off the hook. I still say he’s a big meanie for defecting his cold/cough unto myself. He says it’s from Steph from the JO’s, but that was months ago. That’s right Cole, even though you got bread, your still on the bottom of my list for people to hang around if you wish to stay healthy for another 5 minutes. If you want to know where you are on this list, e-mail me and I will let you know. Unfortunately I can not make it public, as that is an invasion of personal something or other. Of course the actual list exists, I made it myself… this morning.

So that’s about it for right now. If you have anything you would like to add, TELL ME. I still have had no comments and no e-mail from patrons. It’s so easy to make comments, and e-mails are even less committal, honestly. I just don’t get why I’m blogging everything if no one out there is telling me what they think. No, IM’s don’t really count. Feel free to IM me about it, but common, just do this for me, please?

Für Friends

This is just a poem i wrote for a friend on my 14 hour plane ride. It is actually one of three for three different people. Only, this is the one I like best and got around to typing. If you think this was written for you, know that Für is a hint. If that makes absolutly no since to you, then it’s not likly that I wrote it for you. This one is to the best rocky rhode ever.


The sweet leady taste

I preferred when the eyes were blue

How can I even be writing this

So many names are to many names

I wish I could stop stealing these words

Just like a book of nonsense

A misfit hiding the shadows

When the coffee is too bitter to weather

When the journey seems forever

What can be the destination?

Sometimes I wish I just knew something

Anything would do, even nothing

How is it we’re on our own

And because of it never?

Because I have more thanks for never

Because never again are we alone

Never, because no matter what

Because we got it all, and we know it

And as this pen runs dry

And my paper starts running short

I have nothing more to say

Because nothing has ever got me so far

Because nothing bring us closer

Because now I’m so much closer to okay

And my pen will die just in time

Because I have nothing more to say