Well, Time For Some Things About Me

Well time to say some things about me. As you all know, I’m Ethan. I’ve been running MistakenExperience for about 4 days now, thanks to Jamie of Madowl. Well, factoid 1: I’m a fencer. I’m a fencing freak. I don’t just like it a bit. I really love to fence. I have been fencing for almost three years at Seacoast Fencing Club under the choachship of Chris Pullo and Bugsy Rabitore. Alright, his first name is not Bugsy, I forget what it really is. All I know is that every one I know, he and myself included, refer to him as Bugsy. Bugsy really my coach as he gives me all my private lessons. I have been fencing epee for two years now and foil for about three. I’ve been taking private lessons for epee for about 3 months. I am unrated for all weapons that I fence (foil and epee), but don’t think that discourages me. Well, It does, but who cares. I have no problem fencing club mates at all, but when I get to tournaments, it just doesn’t seem to work. I went to Portland Saturday with Jamie and came to a bit of a conclusion. I play my opponent game. I just sit there until they hit me and use their methods against them. I don’t play with distance unless they do. I don’t use fleches unless they do. I don’t use binds unless they do. This is why I can fence better against club mates than other fencers. I feel comfortable playing my own game against club members. I realized during my first direct elimination bout in epee on Saturday how this all works. I was fencing a novice epeeist, a saberist to be honest. At the end of the first 3 minute period, the score was ties at 11. Jamie came over to me during my one minute break to coach me.

“Are you playing with distance?”


“I don’t know, I never thought to.”

“Are you playing your game or his game?”

“His game.” At this point I was frowning to myself.

“Well, play your game.”

After the one minute break ended and we tested bells, I didn’t let him score another touch. 11-15 Final. I have mostly Jamie to thank for that, but I wont tell if you wont.

So that’s me and fencing right now. My other biggest hobby is paintball. I’m much better at paintball than I am at fencing. I’ve been playing for 10 years now and absolutely seriously for about 3 years. My first gun was a wall-mart special Orion. Not bad for a start. I think I was maybe 14 when I got it. It broke after 2 seasons. After that I bought a JT accelerator 5. An electronic marker. It was a big step up from my wall mart gun. new they go for a bit under $200. Well, they did then, now they can be found for $99. It lasts another 2 seasons. I traded it for an abused auto cocker. I had endless issues with it, so I converted it with a CCM pump kit. After that it was reliable as anything, and it helped to hone my skills. Now I have a truly awesome mini-mag. Warp Feed, Benchmark double trigger, 12″ all american, custom folding grip, and grand-daddy of them all, an Air America 114 cu. 3000psi adjustable output big, tank. It’s big, really big, but I love it. Right now I’m saving the cocker and putting on a kapp reflex frame, CCM front end, and maybe a turtle conversion. Paintball is my friend. If you have any questions about the sport at all, safety, advice, marker issues, feel free to PM/email me.

Finally, I love to write. I have always been an advocate of creative writing and expressive imagination. I like to write about my life experiences. Other times ideas are just born from my head dieing to be put on paper. I have issues sleeping at night, which is, for me, prime time to get some writing done. My biggest issue in writing is spelling and typing. I can do neither very well. My dyslexia is apparent but not likely to blame. Spelling errors bug me even though I make them so often. my biggest tick is finding them in things like Harry Potter. It make me feel a bit better about my ability to spell, but writing words can be hard for me. Thankfully, i can almost always read my own scribble. If you want to read more of my writing, just hold on, there is so much more to come.

Anyway, I think this is plenty about my hobbies for one post. I hope you have found yourself intrigued about something. It doesn’t have to be about me. God I hope it isn’t. Well, actually it wont bother me, just don’t stalk me. Anyway, with a cholesterol test in the morning I need to get to sleep, because I cant eat from 8pm (hour and a half ago) until after my appointment at 9:30 tomorrow, and I’m getting hungry. Oh, and I like cooking. 🙂

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It's me, Ethan. This is my blog. Can you say blog? Um, about me? I play D&D (and I dont think it's the saddest game in the world), I'm a writer with one and a half books on the way, I fence (currnetly F-D E-D)), and I like to go out for coffee, even though I dont like filter coffee, I strongly appose 1337, I cook and will eventually be continuing my education at culinary school, I love all my friends at fencing, yes all of them, I enjoy bowling, I want to make a mistaken experience cookbook at some point, and I just love run-on sentances. Speaking of which, I cant type very well at all so dont hound me about it. You CAN hound me if I use a 4 in pl4c3 of 4n A or a 3 in p4c3 of 4n E. So, If you join my ranty blog, feel free to e-mail or IM me.

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