Bad Day? You Be The Judge

Alright, tonight is February 11th, the night of the seacoast mixed Foil E and mixed Epee E. First things first; Jamie, you need to get back from the mall, like soon. Andrew, you really, really suck, congratulations on doing so well. Danielle, Good job overall and congratulations a hundred times over for making it into round 2 of epee. Jamie, sorry about your car, that sucks big time. Um, Ian… I dunno.
So, I was the first arrival at SFC today. I was proceeded by Danielle and her father. I changed, went into the now finished basement and ran around for a few minutes. I stretched and registered for my first event, foil. I have been looking forward to fencing this tournament (for the epee) for roughly 2 months. When pools began, I though I was doomed. I came from my poor mind state to win the pool, undefeated. I was very thrilled at this. I continues to make 7th out of 23 fencers for the day. The absolute best I’ve ever done in a foil tournament. Dancing in my pants at this point.
So Epee started. No a bad pool, a few toughies. I lost one bout in my epee pool, again, dancing in my pants. During the break between round one and two, Andrew asked to practice with me. He is an absolutely stellar foilist, he just doesn’t fence epee much. I taught him the tiny beat attack and a few other epee tricks. Basically 5 minute epee for dummies. I improved ten-fold almost instantly. I have to say I was impressed with his progress. They called out the pools for the second round. I was about to regret giving him so much advice. He was my first bout, and I lost 4 to 5. I was devastated. This was his 3rd epee tournament. I’ve been fencing epee for 2 years. I continued to loose all but one bout. Funny enough, the one kid I beat dropped out after our bout. I his a ganglion on his wrist. It hurt a lot apparently. Now note that this wasn’t because I drilled my tip into his arm, ganglions are very sensitive. Any who, I did terrible in epee, my place is unknown (to 11th, maybe 10th?).
Okay, I did bad. What happens when you do bad at a tournament? Chris walk over to discuss how badly you did, to make you feel really, really stupid. After all that I went to Dunkin’ Donuts to get Jamie a diet pepsi. I got back and helped her fix a few epees. I asked if anyone wanted to go to Chili’s for dinner with me. I really didn’t want to go alone, but I wanted to go out for dinner, I was pissed. No one wanted to go. Danielle came back shortly before I decided to leave. She came over to talk with us sea coasters. Andrew, the genius that he is, asked Danielle if she was hungry. I knew that was going to be stupid. She answered yes. He smiled and asked if she wanted to go to Chili’s with me. At this point I’m looking at Andrew with a quizzical, pissed off look. She responded with an “um, no, I have to go back, mumble mumble, something about her siblings”. At this point I feel like Charlie Brown. I know Danielle doesn’t want to go to Chili’s with me, why do we have to have an Andrew to emphasize that? Anyway, bad night.
I decided to go to Fridays alone instead. Hour wait, screw that. Next door to the longhorn, two hours, and I don’t like the longhorn. I pack into my car and call both chili’s locations that I know. 45 minutes and an hour and a half. See, if someone was coming with me, I could have booked the table and it would have been ready for us. But no, not worth it for just me. Waiting 10-20 minutes with a friend, not bad, maybe fun. Waiting alone, this is me mind you, in a crowded restaurant, very bad. So I went to Barn’s and Noble for a coffee and a book to get me through the worst holiday ever created. No parking. Determined to get in there and get myself… well, you cant really get wasted on coffee can you? Anyway, I park at the 99 Restaurant and walk. I walk in and wait in the 10 minute line for coffee. At this point, I feel like I’ve had the worst day in months. One grande blended vanilla cream, no make it a vente’ with lots of whipped cream. I shell out my five buck and wait for my drink. I am watching the lady make it. She meticulously measured everything going into my cup, and throws it all in the blender. There was already about ¾ of a cup of ice already in the blender. Buzzes the stupid thing FOREVER. I get an icy mush that is too thick to drink through the straw. Okay, after 10 minutes of fruitless sucking on the straw, I toss it. I jet out of there and make it home. Now I’m writing this post to tell you all about my bad day. Questions? Comments? Have a bad day yourself? Leave a comment. But seeing as I’ve had 0 comments on 19 posts, I’m not getting my hopes up for comments. Anyway, I hope to hear from you all eventually, and as always, thanks for reading! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Bad Day? You Be The Judge”

  1. Wow, man I am sorry about the whole dinner coffee fiasco. I ended up missing my E by 1 point. =( However, I did learn a lot about epee, thanks in no small part to you. My apologies on my generous contribution to the “Ethan’s Bad Day Fund”. Well, maybe we will do better next time. =)

    BTW, I got first post! w007

  2. That’s okay, I’m quite over it now… Well, enough to not really be mad at you anyway. Again, congratulations on doing so well in epee. Although, if you had managed your E, I would be strangling it out of you right about now 🙂

  3. Ok, well good to hear. I really wish I had gotten my E… if for no other reason than as Jamie pointed out “just to see the look on bugse’s face”. Well there is always next time. And now I know how to do a beat attack!

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