Post 18 or Something

So, in this order:
Victoria Sox, thank you sooooo much for the rocky rhode (road, whatever however), it is absolutely unbelievable, not that you didn’t already know that, but man! Oh, so as soon as I weasel the recipe out of you, its going into the cookbook, which will be made not until I have some people who visit on a pseudo-regular basis.
Danielle, I’m sorry. That’s it. I’m sorry for being a complete ass since portland, I just have issues saying it. On top of that I’m sorry I could not come to tell you something so simple.
Jamie, don’t worry, I’ll do it monday, probably. Anyway, now that thats going to be over… I dunno, may all your screwdrivers be Harvey Wallbangers?
Cole, your welcome for the bread, it okay. Yes, I’m going to bring alex bread, I just dont know yet. By the way, get better, because your making EVERYBODY sick.
Andrew, I like the enthusiasm, but man, maybe a bit too much. Oh, and we need “Cole made me sick!” Jackets.

If I missed anyone or any event, let me know! Oh, and ROCK ON FEB. 11TH AT SEACOAST! Tell me if your going, and for which events!

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