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Well, time for a new post. Lets start with this. Tom just achieved an A rank in epee. I’m absolutely proud of him. Less than a year ago he was unrated in epee. Hell, he’s hardly been fencing epee for a year. Am I bitter because I’ve been fencing epee for 2 years and am currently unclassified? No way, that would be wrong. I have the 11th to hope for. Its an E tournament. The reason I always suck at tournament is because I always do D to open rated tournaments. That and I have no one coaching me. I learned the value of coaching at tournaments when Jamie saved me from what could have possibly been the MOST embarrassing loss ever in Portland. So, no, I am nothing but happy for Tom, but to steal a line from a fellow fencer “when did Tom get that good?”. Not that he isn’t, he just got really good really fast, and lefty, he got lefty fast. I know, he’s always been a lefty, but that’s not the point, that’s not all this post is about.

So, I got my haircut today at Michael’s school of hair design and esthetics. Am I thrilled with my 6 dollar haircut? Let me put it this way, I’m ready to find other people who are as pissed off as I am and start a class action suit. You cant tell me your now out there. I mean, honestly, my hairdresser cut some of her hair and didn’t realize it until she saw a BIG chunk of brown in my sweepings. Regardless, I’m never exposing my head in public again. It was bad, very bad.

Moving right along, I seem less congested today than I was before. This doesn’t mean Cole’s off the hook. I still say he’s a big meanie for defecting his cold/cough unto myself. He says it’s from Steph from the JO’s, but that was months ago. That’s right Cole, even though you got bread, your still on the bottom of my list for people to hang around if you wish to stay healthy for another 5 minutes. If you want to know where you are on this list, e-mail me and I will let you know. Unfortunately I can not make it public, as that is an invasion of personal something or other. Of course the actual list exists, I made it myself… this morning.

So that’s about it for right now. If you have anything you would like to add, TELL ME. I still have had no comments and no e-mail from patrons. It’s so easy to make comments, and e-mails are even less committal, honestly. I just don’t get why I’m blogging everything if no one out there is telling me what they think. No, IM’s don’t really count. Feel free to IM me about it, but common, just do this for me, please?

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