Little Sister

Once I overheard little sister saying how silly it was when people said that life is short, because its the longest thing that we’ll ever do.
Life, is the longest thing that we may stick around for, but its not the longest thing we ever do.  Part of growing up is finding ways of doing things that will last long after we’re gone.  To be part of something bigger than ones self.  To be part of something that will make a difference more than our presence.  And to say that life is short…  Well, little sister, there is something to be said for loving someone so much that all the time we have here on earth is not long enough.  One day you’ll find a boy that will show you love that will move others, that will last longer than you and me.  Its an incredible thing, that anything can be removed from time itself.  Learn, little sister, to find inspiration from everyday things.  See the beauty in everyday life.  Learn like you will live forever, and live like you will die tomorrow.  Do good things, forgive your friends, see the great things all around you, and don’t be scared of love.

And do not forget that you will always have your big brother.

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