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So, I haven’t updated in a while.  Why?  I guess I haven’t had a whole lot to say.  Since captain webmaster has updated wordpress (by my request mind you) I haven’t been able to upload pictures.  Why would this ever mean that I would be more hesitant to post for you?  Well, every time I pour a really nice latte, draw you some ugly picture with awful proportions, or find a picture of myself on the internets that makes a fool out of me, I can’t post it for you.  I found a temporary fix for such a thing with…..  Flickr.  I’ll just toss the picture in from there, because I can still totally do that.  Whats this mean for you?  Most consitant posting maybe?  Probably not, but we can hope.  How are things?  Things are well, thanks for asking.  Whats new?  Not very much at all, working hard.  Any projects on the horizon?  Its going to be a fun summer, thats all I’ve got to say!  Stay tuned pweeese.


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It's me, Ethan. This is my blog. Can you say blog? Um, about me? I play D&D (and I dont think it's the saddest game in the world), I'm a writer with one and a half books on the way, I fence (currnetly F-D E-D)), and I like to go out for coffee, even though I dont like filter coffee, I strongly appose 1337, I cook and will eventually be continuing my education at culinary school, I love all my friends at fencing, yes all of them, I enjoy bowling, I want to make a mistaken experience cookbook at some point, and I just love run-on sentances. Speaking of which, I cant type very well at all so dont hound me about it. You CAN hound me if I use a 4 in pl4c3 of 4n A or a 3 in p4c3 of 4n E. So, If you join my ranty blog, feel free to e-mail or IM me.

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