WordPress problems!

I has them
Rosetta of DOOM

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It's me, Ethan. This is my blog. Can you say blog? Um, about me? I play D&D (and I dont think it's the saddest game in the world), I'm a writer with one and a half books on the way, I fence (currnetly F-D E-D)), and I like to go out for coffee, even though I dont like filter coffee, I strongly appose 1337, I cook and will eventually be continuing my education at culinary school, I love all my friends at fencing, yes all of them, I enjoy bowling, I want to make a mistaken experience cookbook at some point, and I just love run-on sentances. Speaking of which, I cant type very well at all so dont hound me about it. You CAN hound me if I use a 4 in pl4c3 of 4n A or a 3 in p4c3 of 4n E. So, If you join my ranty blog, feel free to e-mail or IM me.

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