Für Friends

This is just a poem i wrote for a friend on my 14 hour plane ride. It is actually one of three for three different people. Only, this is the one I like best and got around to typing. If you think this was written for you, know that Für is a hint. If that makes absolutly no since to you, then it’s not likly that I wrote it for you. This one is to the best rocky rhode ever.


The sweet leady taste

I preferred when the eyes were blue

How can I even be writing this

So many names are to many names

I wish I could stop stealing these words

Just like a book of nonsense

A misfit hiding the shadows

When the coffee is too bitter to weather

When the journey seems forever

What can be the destination?

Sometimes I wish I just knew something

Anything would do, even nothing

How is it we’re on our own

And because of it never?

Because I have more thanks for never

Because never again are we alone

Never, because no matter what

Because we got it all, and we know it

And as this pen runs dry

And my paper starts running short

I have nothing more to say

Because nothing has ever got me so far

Because nothing bring us closer

Because now I’m so much closer to okay

And my pen will die just in time

Because I have nothing more to say


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