Colombian Melange

Colombian melange is probably my favorite coffee we have right now.  Its the prefect balance of sweet, robust, and fruit bright tones.  So what is Colombian melange, and how is it different from our regular Colombian?  Our regular Colombian is a medium roast coffee.  We pull that around 15 to 20 seconds into the second crack, which is about the same amount of time before the second crack would be allowed into earnest.  Colombian melange is a blend of Colombian medium, full city, and french roasts.  Medium for brightness, full city for its balanced fruit tones and sweetness, french for its robust top notes and deep finish.  What I like so much about this cup is how its everything you like about the Colombian medium, and then it throws in all these extra subtleties.  What I really like about this coffee is the way its bright with muddled fruit tones, with a really full, balanced body.  The aroma is sweet, and distinctly coffee.  When I smell this , I smell coffee, in the best possible way.  Its sweet and bright, and robust without being over the top.  If we are going to pick out bits from the cuppy wheel of doom…. *gets cuppy wheel of doom out*  I would say light cocoa, a nice body with hints of pepper, slight hints of raspberry in the sweet, delicate finish.  Come on Adam, tell me I’m wrong….  Just try XD

I’m curious to see if I like this more, or if I like Colombian full city as a stand alone more, because I like the full city a lot too.

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