Coffee Fest, the BVI, and the NAC in Rosemont

Erm, hello… how are we today?  I know I said I was going to update weekly.  I know, I tried, I’m sorry.  So heres the deal; I’ve had 3 major events go on that I haven’t talked about.  Firstly, Coffee fest in Washington DC a month ago.  Coffee fest is a great big coffee trade show that expos different cafe products and coffees.  It was really neat to go and taste all the different espresso.  Best espresso was between Intelegencia and Zoka.  Counter Culture, I love you to death, your coffee is great, but your espresso is so syrupy, I couldn’t finish my ristretto.  Worst espresso…..  Well, I had a couple from some super autos that did other drinks as well.  I was not exactly wowed.

Highlight:  Competing and totally failing in the millrock free pour competition.  Meeting Heather Perry, Chris Difario, M’lisaa Muckerman, Emma, everyone else.

Lowlights…  traveling though the city was exciting, but my legs were sore by day 3.  Also, The local roaster in Alexandria, where I was staying, was super disappointing.  Seriously, I wanted to cry.  They win worst espresso….

British Virgin Islands, Tortola.

Not much to report.  Moses was sick, people were cranky.  Its not my cup of tea.  Lots of sunburn.  Great sunsets, but they were too short.  I enjoyed my alone time….. mmmmthinking.

NAC E, Rosemont/Chicago IL.

Had a pwntastic time with Will and his parents.  His parents are super awesome, and very hilarious.  Emma was a fun to have around too;  She wasn’t as much trouble as I thought she was going to be!  Hoorah for Emma!  My finish of 26 out of 119 dosen’t hold a candle to Yvonne’s second place finish in vet 50 womens foil, earning herself a spot on the national team!  Woot!  On my trip, I got to visit Chicago coffee mecca, Intelegencia.  The barista actually recognized me from coffee fest, which was really cool.  Mocha 10/10, double ristretto 11/10.  Really cool to visit another awesome shop.

I will have more to report later!  Back to work, RAWR!

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