I’m determined to be a horrid artist.  Honestly, I love to draw and sketch, but I’m miserable at it.  From now on, I’m going to start posting some of my failure art, just so you get the idea.  My brother and sister are fantastic artists, and my mother was very into art when she was younger.  Maybe I just haven’t found my medium?  Art is somewhere in my blood, and I can sorta feel that, but its not coming out the way I see it in my head.  This is probably why I want so badly to try short film.  I feel like I could more easily show people what I see in my head with a film, rather than with a short story or drawing.  One of my biggest problems is perspective, and then body proportion.  I’m on my way to get a little wooden figurine to work with for my trip.  Maybe I’ll take some footage while I’m gone too 😛

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It's me, Ethan. This is my blog. Can you say blog? Um, about me? I play D&D (and I dont think it's the saddest game in the world), I'm a writer with one and a half books on the way, I fence (currnetly F-D E-D)), and I like to go out for coffee, even though I dont like filter coffee, I strongly appose 1337, I cook and will eventually be continuing my education at culinary school, I love all my friends at fencing, yes all of them, I enjoy bowling, I want to make a mistaken experience cookbook at some point, and I just love run-on sentances. Speaking of which, I cant type very well at all so dont hound me about it. You CAN hound me if I use a 4 in pl4c3 of 4n A or a 3 in p4c3 of 4n E. So, If you join my ranty blog, feel free to e-mail or IM me.

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  1. I’d like to see them, but remember, art takes many shapes, sizes, and other dimensions.. it’s not just drawing/sketching/painting. Poetry, writing, photography, or Music? Personally, that is my favorite art. Music makes my world go round when there is nothing left to bear. I know you like latte art 😉

    However, I would still like to see your failure art as mine would be at least 5-10 times worse should it be judged. Plus, I kinda like it 😉 Especially the leaves. Those are awesome.

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