1. Things you would do if you weren’t afraid.
  2. The perfect pizza.
  3. Strangest thing you can find on Ebay.
  4. Some over used words.
  5. Seriously… Where does the other sock end up?


2, The perfect pizza probably has extra cheese, carmelized onions, some real sausage, and a really thin thin layer of sauce.

3, I once saw a “Ghost in a Jar” which was just a jar that had been painted with some white out or something with a little wax inside, and it was supposedly haunted.  It sold for like $120,000
4, Lol, Seriously, No idea about this one…

5, In the small space between the back of my bed and the back wall.

I need a better post than this

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  1. 1, cook…

    2, thick crust, extra cheese, sausages, black olives, onions and peppers.

    3, well, i have heard that people sell their kids on ebay…thats pretty weird.

    4, haha

    5, in the last place i look…always. >

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