People Who Wan’t Your Money

And in my opionion, perhaps deserve it.  I know it sounds bad, but think about it.  These are the people who I think can really benefit from contributions.  No I’m not getting any money from any donation you make.  Well, you may ask yourself, why on earth are you advertise for charities?  Well, here’s my standpoint.  I don’t come from a family with alot of money.  Well, my oldest sister is another story, but I’m not the one walking around with daddy plastic, thats for sure.  Hell, I work for money, and have for a while.  I fence, that doesnt make me rich.  On the contrary, it sucks more money than anything from me.  I do it because I have to.  But back on the topic, I’m doing this because I’m the type of person who can benefit from these organizaions.  And not only me, much of this country is way less privlaged than I am.  So here is it, my list of thoes who should recieve.  Hell, If I made more money, they’d be getting it.

My number one recomendation for you donations is for underprivlidged kids who want to cook.  It was created by one of my favourite chefs, Jamie Oliver.  I’ve looked into the foundation and seen it work.  On his forums you can talk to some of the people fifteen has helped.  Its called the fifteen foundation because fifteen kids are taken to be tought how to make cooking fun and interesting so they can make it a choice for life.  I urge you to vistit even just to look.


For now this is it, but I will keep adding more.  Remember, i want to hear about you charity and donations. 

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