Oh No

Oh, hells no.  The tournament went bad enough to make me want to literally stop fencing.  That bad.  Pools were a beautiful thing, seeding was a beautiful thing.  My first DE was not a beautiful thing.  I don’t want to talk about it, I really don’t, so I have no idea why I’m putting this here.  I’m working on Alex’s scarf, it should be done  midweek, or earlier, depending on how driven I feel, which right now, is not very.

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Because You Told Me To

This is the “full monty” write up of Atlanta. I was going to do bits and pieces, but Trovar wanted a write up days ago. So here it is. Hmmmmm, chronological order or by subject? We’ll just see where things go. Subject I think…
The Fencing…
Well, I remember walking in the Venue for the first time with Trovar the day prior to the event to get body cords checked. It was huge. I was very impressed with the scale at which I would be fencing. I was greeted by Dan the man, who happily checked our cords and masks. Then we looked around the venue. I skipped around on the strips, as it was the first time I would be fencing on National strips. They were…. much much better than wooden floors, but I imagine much more expensive. The next day there was fencing.
Okay, so Mens Div III Epee. Honestly, when the venue was filled with fencers, I was a little less impressed by the size of things. I mean, we had like 120 fencers. I figure, during a closed open, there are at least 15 epee fencers who can beat me, at least 10 of them are rated D or below. So with all the good fencers out there, I was just a little surprised it seemed as small as it did. Okay! On to my Pool! Well, no Trovar fencing, he coached me all day. It was very helpful to have someone help me, otherwise I would have been really lost. But yes, my pool… Pei was probably the best fencer in my pool. This little 5′ 6” Chinese kid who had a serious toe touch thing going on. He kicked… everyone’s ass. I got my ass truly kicked, loosing all but 2 bouts. Then I waited for my DE, and was subsequently wasted by whatever seed I was up against. It was pretty bad. Oh yeah, and Tristan finished in 5th place, leaving high standards for the rest of the weekend.

Day Two, me and Trovar fencing Div III foil. So basically, the same thing. I went through pools, got destroyed, and went onto my DE. By my DE, I was starting to realize I wasn’t being out skilled, I was being out-thought. Enter Pwnage mentality. So, second period, I’m down like 7-12. Time for some of that aforementioned pwnage. Boom, malaria, just like that, the score is 9 -12, 10-13, 13-14, and then….. Well, I ended up losing 13-15, but it was a valiant loss. I scored 6 to his 3. I was reasonably happy with that, but I would have been happier to go on. Er, I should mention that Trovar sorta pwned and landed 2nd place, earning his C07.
Day 3, I didn’t fence. This was Div II foil. Trovar was knocked out after his second (I think?) DE, we made an early night of things, and for future reference, this was when we saw Yu Chan at dinner.
Day 4, Div II Epee. I was ready, ready to lay down the hurt. Not really hurt, but I was ready to win some bouts. I finally had the mindset. I was geared up for it. So there we went. Pools, I was 3 and 3, and oh snap, I was being out skilled, unlike in div III. Aside from out skilled, I was out… talled. Div II Epee fencers are freaking huge. My first DE… Oh yeah, pwned again. There was nothing for it. There could be an argument that I was ready for Div III epee. I mean, had I known what the hell I was doing, I could have done well. Er, back to Div II epee. Yeah… Not ready. I was destroyed again, but by people that we’re generally friendly. After I lost my DE, I went straight to the bathroom to cry. After I came out, someone I knew told me not to feel bad. And there is more to what I was about to say, but I changed my mind about it. Moral of the story there is that when you lose, you shouldn’t cry. The other moral, don’t tell people that no one expected better. Proverb of the tournament. There is more than one way to cut an onion (Chinese) Also, when you’re running a race, sometimes its better to just walk away and join your friends at the concession stand (not a proverb, but its from something I read last night that made a lot of sense to me). Speaking of such things, Connie, you lost the game, and same with whoever else is reading this. Oh, and Trovar totally came in 3rd and earned (actually EARNED for realz) his B07. You should probably congratulate him or something, its not exactly an easy task. Did I learn anything? Not as much as I didn’t learn, and not as fast as I should have. Yes, I learned.
Yes, a section just for food. This will be short and delicious.
DAY 1, Golden Buda
Awesome Awesome Awesome teh bestzorz. This would set the mark for food in Atlanta. I had sesame chicken, and it was amazing. Trovar had pad-see-me, a Pad-Thai ish plate. He seemed to like it. Service was great, and I loved the appearance of the restaurant. Clean and cozy, it was all great.
Day 2! Moe’s Mexican Grill
Perhaps the greatest Mexican chain in the south. Its the best chain food I’ve encountered. I had a burrito called a home wreaker. It was served with freshly fried tortilla chips with fresh salsa available. I had a choice of chicken or beef. It also had beans, salsa, sour cream, guacamole, and probably more, all on a flour tortilla. Very wonderful.
DAY 3! The Prime Meridian
Whoa…. Whoa, clean, crisp, white table cloth, which bottled water do you prefer? Seriously upscale for what I usually do, but it was a really nice treat. Trovar had… Prons? I think it was prons or some seafood dish. I’m sure he liked it. Tristan had the rib eye (grizzly, which I could have told him it would have been) I can’t recall what John had, but I remember him enjoying it. I figured why not go all out and get the tenderloin. I think I probably enjoyed my meal more than anyone else. It was supurb, in every way. Er, the aspargas we’re just a touch over done, but it wasn’t remarkable. All in all, a very good meal.
Yes, we did it again, and it was fantastic. Really fantastic. I had… the same thing, and I don’t regret it. It was very good. Thats where we saw the girl from florida fencing club eating alone. She was sitting alone at a table at any rate. John suggested inviting her to eat with us. Me and Trovar were all for it, but Tristan was not interested T_T. I made the decision to ask her out to dinner the next night, but thoes plans flopped anyway.
I think you get the idea, the food was good, cheap, and the guy who served us all three nights was really nice. We got some bagel roles (smoked salmon, cream cheese, avavado nori and rice) and they we’re pretty good. The nori was a little on the… chewy side. All in all, another wonderfull meal of sesame chicken (yes, it was have-it-all-three-nights good).
Random notes.

Drive by laughing
After eating a wondefull meal at le Golden Budda with le famillia Strouse and Trovar, Tristan decided to do something stupid. He decided to play leap frog with a cement pillar. He darn near cleared it too, but he hit his crotch on the very edge and fell forward. Aside from the damage to his crotch and nearly running headlong into a stone wall, people saw… People in pimped out Escalades. It had spinners, extra shiney things, the works. Then the window comes down and this guy who lookes an awefull lot like X-ibit stuck his head out and started screaming. “I saw that!” and proceded to laugh his ass right off. It was one of the funnier moments on our trip.
Paper Airplanes
We wish they would fly better off 13th story balconies, but they just don’t. Trovars first plane made it as far as… the balcony one story down. At least the cookie I threw made it across the street into Olympic park.
Cookies and Balconies
I don’t plan on explaining, but it was a delicious experiment, and we when we went to recover aforementioned cookie, it was missing.
Girls You Don’t Know From Clubs You’ve Never Heard Of
No matter how nervous you are, ask them out anyway. At least if you planned to, follow through with it, or you will regret it, its only a girl after all…. who’s trained with swords…..
Sorry Yu Chan, I failed not only you, but myself as well.

Anyone Up For A Little Writing?

Okay, here we go. Since I’ve started this I’ve always wanted to play the “5 word game” with my readers. Its VERY simple. Here are the rules. You have 5 words to place into a few paragraphs as seamlessly as possibly. For the sake of ease, there is a 500 word limit.
This is copious amounts of space for 5 measly words. Now! Time for a few examples (only 2 words to make this faster for me)
“The title of my new book is “My Big Piece Of Pie””.


Jonathan looked at his feet quizzically as if they had answers for the questions in his head. The Queen had knighted him so nonchalantly that he couldn’t help but question his new title. A fortnight ago, Jonathan would have been giddy with delight with the Queen’s decision. The all the recent thieving, piracy and unusual alliances, Jonathan could help but feel like he was being used. He Started to piece together the puzzle in his head. Why was the queen so intent oh making him a night over Purcucio, as he was the more noble of the troupe. After all, he had led the mission to return the stolen doctrine.

What does this example say? Set it up. You shouldn’t try to rush the words into a sentance. It doesn’t take much. The other thing I LOVE about the 5 word game is how well it sets up for a short story. I like to give myself a character or two, and a problem. As is the case with the queen’s odd decision. You will see my approach better in my other example (see comments.)

So what do you all think? I would be THRILLED if anyone is interested. The way this would work if people are interested is that someone would write a paragraph or two with the 5 words, and leave 5 new ones for the next person. If two people submit at the same time and we have 10 words, all the better! So to start just leave a comment to say if your interested, when we get 2-4 people we can get this started!

Bad Day? You Be The Judge

Alright, tonight is February 11th, the night of the seacoast mixed Foil E and mixed Epee E. First things first; Jamie, you need to get back from the mall, like soon. Andrew, you really, really suck, congratulations on doing so well. Danielle, Good job overall and congratulations a hundred times over for making it into round 2 of epee. Jamie, sorry about your car, that sucks big time. Um, Ian… I dunno.
So, I was the first arrival at SFC today. I was proceeded by Danielle and her father. I changed, went into the now finished basement and ran around for a few minutes. I stretched and registered for my first event, foil. I have been looking forward to fencing this tournament (for the epee) for roughly 2 months. When pools began, I though I was doomed. I came from my poor mind state to win the pool, undefeated. I was very thrilled at this. I continues to make 7th out of 23 fencers for the day. The absolute best I’ve ever done in a foil tournament. Dancing in my pants at this point.
So Epee started. No a bad pool, a few toughies. I lost one bout in my epee pool, again, dancing in my pants. During the break between round one and two, Andrew asked to practice with me. He is an absolutely stellar foilist, he just doesn’t fence epee much. I taught him the tiny beat attack and a few other epee tricks. Basically 5 minute epee for dummies. I improved ten-fold almost instantly. I have to say I was impressed with his progress. They called out the pools for the second round. I was about to regret giving him so much advice. He was my first bout, and I lost 4 to 5. I was devastated. This was his 3rd epee tournament. I’ve been fencing epee for 2 years. I continued to loose all but one bout. Funny enough, the one kid I beat dropped out after our bout. I his a ganglion on his wrist. It hurt a lot apparently. Now note that this wasn’t because I drilled my tip into his arm, ganglions are very sensitive. Any who, I did terrible in epee, my place is unknown (to 11th, maybe 10th?).
Okay, I did bad. What happens when you do bad at a tournament? Chris walk over to discuss how badly you did, to make you feel really, really stupid. After all that I went to Dunkin’ Donuts to get Jamie a diet pepsi. I got back and helped her fix a few epees. I asked if anyone wanted to go to Chili’s for dinner with me. I really didn’t want to go alone, but I wanted to go out for dinner, I was pissed. No one wanted to go. Danielle came back shortly before I decided to leave. She came over to talk with us sea coasters. Andrew, the genius that he is, asked Danielle if she was hungry. I knew that was going to be stupid. She answered yes. He smiled and asked if she wanted to go to Chili’s with me. At this point I’m looking at Andrew with a quizzical, pissed off look. She responded with an “um, no, I have to go back, mumble mumble, something about her siblings”. At this point I feel like Charlie Brown. I know Danielle doesn’t want to go to Chili’s with me, why do we have to have an Andrew to emphasize that? Anyway, bad night.
I decided to go to Fridays alone instead. Hour wait, screw that. Next door to the longhorn, two hours, and I don’t like the longhorn. I pack into my car and call both chili’s locations that I know. 45 minutes and an hour and a half. See, if someone was coming with me, I could have booked the table and it would have been ready for us. But no, not worth it for just me. Waiting 10-20 minutes with a friend, not bad, maybe fun. Waiting alone, this is me mind you, in a crowded restaurant, very bad. So I went to Barn’s and Noble for a coffee and a book to get me through the worst holiday ever created. No parking. Determined to get in there and get myself… well, you cant really get wasted on coffee can you? Anyway, I park at the 99 Restaurant and walk. I walk in and wait in the 10 minute line for coffee. At this point, I feel like I’ve had the worst day in months. One grande blended vanilla cream, no make it a vente’ with lots of whipped cream. I shell out my five buck and wait for my drink. I am watching the lady make it. She meticulously measured everything going into my cup, and throws it all in the blender. There was already about ¾ of a cup of ice already in the blender. Buzzes the stupid thing FOREVER. I get an icy mush that is too thick to drink through the straw. Okay, after 10 minutes of fruitless sucking on the straw, I toss it. I jet out of there and make it home. Now I’m writing this post to tell you all about my bad day. Questions? Comments? Have a bad day yourself? Leave a comment. But seeing as I’ve had 0 comments on 19 posts, I’m not getting my hopes up for comments. Anyway, I hope to hear from you all eventually, and as always, thanks for reading! 🙂

Portland, Portland, Portland

Oi, fencing in Portland is always a blast. Well, sometimes. Anyway, so on Wednesday at seacoast I ask Jamie if we could car pool. Nathan had to work so she couldn’t drive. She said she would go If I came down and let Nathan use my car and she would drive theirs. This was all fine. Next I asked Danielle if she was going. She said she wasn’t but only because she didn’t have a way to get there. I told her she was welcome to come with Jamie and myself. Just go and fence and get some dinner and go home completely exhausted. She said it was fine and offered to meet us at seacoast Saturday morning. Now Portland is 2 or so hours away. Tournaments usually get out around 6 pm. This means you pack a lunch and go out for dinner. Well, on Thursday when Jamie talked to Danielle about the time to meet, she said her father was going to give her a ride.  After Jamie told me about this, I proceeded to win a $10 bet that she wasn’t going at all. Jamie and me left saturday morning just before 9am.  We used the directions on the back of the schedual.  The led us to where PFC USED TO BE….  5 years ago.  Jamie wondered who wrote thoes outdated directions.  Chris Pullo, Secretary.  So this means Chris, my coach of course, is in deep crap with me.  So after being totally lost, we got there in time for me to regester an 11:30.  Regardless, it was a good time even though I only managed 20th(?) out of 35(?) fencers in the mixed foil D and something else that I never found out in mixed Epee D. There are some really good shots one seacoasts website, SeacoastFencingClub.org, courtesy of Jamie and Madowl.com. Check it out, buy a tee-shirt, feel better about YOU, support us all!