Just an old poem I once wrote

I think I’ve lost my reflection
The story of two
Where are they now?
Where is lost but not with you?
One is lost and the other forgotten
I used to look into mirrors
I would peer into my reflection to see myself
I think I would see myself with her
With her?
Yes, with her
For so long I would gaze at us
What next?
What next. What I never dream
When all is gone but me
Who were you?
Who I wish I could be
We would sit together under large oaks
We would sit and dream lonely dreams
Ah yes, but now a lonely dream is not what was
We were together
And Lonely?
Yes, and lonely then is what I wish could be now
Then what is different?
Now she is lost and I forgotten
She is gone but in my heart forever
What next?
My reflection let go…

Für Friends

This is just a poem i wrote for a friend on my 14 hour plane ride. It is actually one of three for three different people. Only, this is the one I like best and got around to typing. If you think this was written for you, know that Für is a hint. If that makes absolutly no since to you, then it’s not likly that I wrote it for you. This one is to the best rocky rhode ever.


The sweet leady taste

I preferred when the eyes were blue

How can I even be writing this

So many names are to many names

I wish I could stop stealing these words

Just like a book of nonsense

A misfit hiding the shadows

When the coffee is too bitter to weather

When the journey seems forever

What can be the destination?

Sometimes I wish I just knew something

Anything would do, even nothing

How is it we’re on our own

And because of it never?

Because I have more thanks for never

Because never again are we alone

Never, because no matter what

Because we got it all, and we know it

And as this pen runs dry

And my paper starts running short

I have nothing more to say

Because nothing has ever got me so far

Because nothing bring us closer

Because now I’m so much closer to okay

And my pen will die just in time

Because I have nothing more to say


Writing and Stuff

Seeing as I have no forums, I thought I would use this as an area where I can share some of my writing. I’m working on one major novel right now. It’s called Avalon’s Diary. It follows a teenage girl on her Journey to find her friend, her place, and ultimately herself.  Here is one entry.

Wednesday, April 21

Some Birthday I’ve had. Happy sweet sixteen. Ya, FYI: I was hoping for a car for my sixteenth, not a trip out of the country. I didn’t sleep well at all. I spent the night thinking about Ivy. I tried the potatoes for breakfast. Like all the other veggies, they were very good. Today was another long day. I realized my little natural crossing wouldn’t do too well for any extended period of time. I hacked down some small, short trees. Making them into a bridge wasn’t easy. Nor was hauling them to the river. It took me a few tries to discern that my logs were too small. I chopped down some larger trees. They took considerably longer to bring down and haul to the river, considering they’re not that much bigger. They seem to be better for bridge making though. It took a long time to finally make a crossable bridge. I woke up to see the dawn break and it must have been mid-day before I finished the crossing. For lunch I had some of the dried chicken. It was good. Personally, I think he might have salted it a bit aggressively. Other than that, the chicken was pretty good, not as good as the quail, but still good. My ford is a little crude but I’m very proud of it. I found a use for the smaller trees though. Seeing as they were still rather green, they were quite pliable. Luckily, they were also long and relatively thin. I shortened some and made them into my roof. They came nowhere near finishing it but they’re a good start. I took my big quilt and used my “pseudo roof” as a frame and tied the quilt on to break the wind. I think it’ll work well unless it rains. I really need another tarp. I’ll go buy one tomorrow. I’m much to exhausted to do it tonight. I think I’ll sup and go to bed. Yes, I think that’ll have to do. I guess we’ll have to see what tomorrow will bring.

 Next I have a collection of poetry that I hope to post.  Here is a poem I wrote when I was in my freshman year still at SHS.  It was writen for a dear friend, though it may not convey the message of just dear friendship.

To you a love unconditional

A love where no winds will startle the breeze
A love where no dam will stop the flow

To you a love, a love unchanged
A love without question or variance
What a love so beautiful can be
But a love unconditional

Where is the love you might ask
Where could it be, for you can not see it
You can not imagine or touch it
Only feel, can you feel it?

If I were to crack, to slip
Would you still care?
Could you still see me in you dreams?
The love unconditional flows therein

I can’t see you there
Where could you be?
If a love unconditional is then in my heart
Deep in my chest, is something I cant live without

If I could ask for nothing more
I would ask for your love

Your love, unconditional. 

I know its not my best work, but I’m saving that.  So this is writing.  Please feel free to tell me what you think, I love to hear that my work is being read by anyone.  By the way, if you want a full copy of Avalon’s Diary, I’m looking for eager ears, E-mail or IM me!