Just an old poem I once wrote

I think I’ve lost my reflection
The story of two
Where are they now?
Where is lost but not with you?
One is lost and the other forgotten
I used to look into mirrors
I would peer into my reflection to see myself
I think I would see myself with her
With her?
Yes, with her
For so long I would gaze at us
What next?
What next. What I never dream
When all is gone but me
Who were you?
Who I wish I could be
We would sit together under large oaks
We would sit and dream lonely dreams
Ah yes, but now a lonely dream is not what was
We were together
And Lonely?
Yes, and lonely then is what I wish could be now
Then what is different?
Now she is lost and I forgotten
She is gone but in my heart forever
What next?
My reflection let go…

I 3 Waffles
I love Waffles

This is from my trip to 21st. street espresso, in Pittsburgh PA. It was a really great shop, I had a good time there. Luke, the owner, was super nice, and had serious, well trained baristas. When I saw this sign, I knew this was my kind of place. If I own a coffee shop, I want it to be basically espresso, with waffles on the side. No sandwiches, probably no soup, no 20 ounce latte. Espresso, perhaps some coffee, and waffles. This would be a good time to talk about what kind of shop I’d like to run, as I would love to run my own shop. I would either want to roast my own, or get the best espresso I possibly could. I want a Synesso, 3 or 4 groups please. I don’t know what kind of grinders I want, but these change often enough that I don’t need to worry about that yet. Capps are capps, no mountain of foam, just a solid wet capp. Espresso will be pulled just under 2 ounces, Synesso 18 gram basket, probably not overdosed too much. No soda, juice perhaps. Tea is a challange. I’ll probably serve tea of some kind, but perhaps not of the calibre of the coffee I wish to serve. I don’t want a huge space, but I want there to be room for seating. At least a dozen seats, comfy ones I hope. Decor would be simple, not over the top. I don’t want this place to be a hipster hangout, I want a coffee shop. When you walk in, you should know that you’re in a shop that is fairly simple, and one that pulls really good shots. I want things fairly transparent, I don’t want you to have to wonder what we’re about. Its about the coffee. Not just my hands in the coffee, but all the hands that have touched it.

Question: What kinds of things do you honestly look for when you walk into a coffee shop? What attracts you to them? What would you want to see in a good coffee shop?  Please comment 🙂

Little Sister

Once I overheard little sister saying how silly it was when people said that life is short, because its the longest thing that we’ll ever do.
Life, is the longest thing that we may stick around for, but its not the longest thing we ever do.  Part of growing up is finding ways of doing things that will last long after we’re gone.  To be part of something bigger than ones self.  To be part of something that will make a difference more than our presence.  And to say that life is short…  Well, little sister, there is something to be said for loving someone so much that all the time we have here on earth is not long enough.  One day you’ll find a boy that will show you love that will move others, that will last longer than you and me.  Its an incredible thing, that anything can be removed from time itself.  Learn, little sister, to find inspiration from everyday things.  See the beauty in everyday life.  Learn like you will live forever, and live like you will die tomorrow.  Do good things, forgive your friends, see the great things all around you, and don’t be scared of love.

And do not forget that you will always have your big brother.

Posting posting post post post

So, I haven’t updated in a while.  Why?  I guess I haven’t had a whole lot to say.  Since captain webmaster has updated wordpress (by my request mind you) I haven’t been able to upload pictures.  Why would this ever mean that I would be more hesitant to post for you?  Well, every time I pour a really nice latte, draw you some ugly picture with awful proportions, or find a picture of myself on the internets that makes a fool out of me, I can’t post it for you.  I found a temporary fix for such a thing with…..  Flickr.  I’ll just toss the picture in from there, because I can still totally do that.  Whats this mean for you?  Most consitant posting maybe?  Probably not, but we can hope.  How are things?  Things are well, thanks for asking.  Whats new?  Not very much at all, working hard.  Any projects on the horizon?  Its going to be a fun summer, thats all I’ve got to say!  Stay tuned pweeese.